The following are the Lyford Consolidated Independent School District official graphics adopted by the school district in July 2015. The district developed these artwork options to provide the district a common visual identity, which is essential in reinforcing a strong image in our community. 

    Lyford CISD requests all internal and external agencies, entities and individuals refrain from using any Lyford CISD-related graphics and artwork previously created prior to July 2015 by any Lyford CISD employee or affiliate, or by any third-party agency, on any printed or digitally produced medium or merchandise that bears the wording “Lyford CISD”, “Lyford Consolidated Independent School District” or “Lyford Bulldogs”. Moving forward, the district respectfully requests all internal and external parties use only the provided district-approved artwork on any printed or digital media or merchandise that bears the wording listed above. 

    In using these graphics, users must comply with the district’s requests not to manipulate the images, including adding graphic elements, changing the face direction of the bulldog, or manipulating the coloration of the graphics other than to print in solid white, solid black or gray variations.

    Please let all staff and coaches know of these changes in order to make a smooth rebranding transition.


    We appreciate adherence to these guidelines. For any questions regarding the usage of the Lyford CISD graphics contact Clarisa de la Fuente, Lyford CISD’s Communications Officer, at 956-347-3938 or ethan.dujay@lyfordcisd.net.

    To download a file of the logo please click on each logo
    Lyford Logo