Digital Learning Team, Lyford CISD's Digital Learning Team Program, is a program that helps teachers evolve their classrooms into a digital learning environment. 

    Vision: through this team, colleagues connect to support each other, share ideas, and build student engagement.


    Meeting Frequency: DLT gets together every other week to continually assess and develop new ideas and techniques that meet the needs of our teachers and students.

  • Goals of the Program

    • Build a model digital classroom
    • Host a digital classroom 
    • Share resources with colleagues
    • Scaffold teaching using SAMR
  • Coaching Support

    • Weekly 1:1 meetings
    • Classroom modeling
    • Guidance and support
    • Instructional collaboration
    • Observations to provide tips and concrete strategies for improvement
  • Program Incentives

    • Hardware Prizes
    • Gift Cards 
    • Badges
    • Fall PD - Using Technology to Make a Difference Conference 
    • Summer PD - ESC 1's Technology Conference