• Quick Start for Staff

    Please be aware the work order system is only available from within the district.

    Technology Work Order

    We have simplified the work order system to the basics to facilitate submission. To sign in, your username is your entire email address.

    Day 1 - Accounts

    HR will provide you a form to be filled out by your supervisor. Please submit this form back to HR in person. After this is done, please have someone on your behalf create a work order to set up your accounts. Your campus technician will then come to you to setup a good time to give you access to your accounts.


    Email and Gmail - accounts setup requests should be submitted to HR they will provide a physical form.

    Keyless Card - requests should be submitted to HR they will provide a physical form.

    Audio / Video - requests should be submitted to campus library (such as projectors & speakers)

    Technology Devices

    Teacher MacBooks & iPads are issued by campus library

    Devices Setup

    Staff Apple devices must be setup by IT with staff present

    When you have received your devices please submit a technology work order. We will assist you promptly.

    Common Computer Labs

    Technology department sets up all common computer labs

    Teacher Computer

    Due to the size of our staff, teachers are expected to setup their own desktop computer, but please submit a work order if you run into any technical issues such as connectivity issues, no response by the computer, or erratic behavior by the equipment.

    Teacher Computer Labs

    Teacher is expected to setup their computer labs, but we will assist with technical issues

    Repair Parts

    Parts for repair are never purchased. All Technology is purchased with 3 year warranty. This should cover the exepected life of technology. If repairs are needed beyond this period it is deemed not worth repair since other parts will soon also need replacement.

    Name change

    If you have changed your name please submit name change request to HR in person


    New Phones

    Please submit request to your supervisor

    Long Distance Code

    Long distance codes are approved on an individual basis. Please submit request through your supervisor


    Resets and setup requests should be submitted by technology work order

    Phone Extensions

    If your name is not displayed correctly please submit technology work order