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Employee Benefits 2021-2022 School Year

  • Affordable Care Act - Notice to Employees

    Click the link below to save or print the notice. 
    If you choose to purchase health insurance through a marketplace exchange established through the Affordable Care Act, you may need this information. The district is required by law to provide this notice.

    Marketplace Coverage Notice

    Annual Employee Benefits Enrollment

    (The benefits are effective September 1st)

    As part of the registration of benefits under the plans, you must provide the exact legal name and Social Security Number (SSN) for all registered individuals or to enroll in coverage under the plans. If the information provided is not correct since it coincides exactly with IRS records, you could be subject to a fine of $50 in internal revenue code section 6723.

    Customer Service Number

    TRS ActiveCare PPO Plans and Caremark website and phone number:


    • Customer Service Number: (800) 222-9205 Option #1
    • Diabetic Supplies: (800) 588-4456 Option #1
    • 24 hour nurse line: (800) 556-1555 Option #1


    • REDiMD: (866) 989-2873
    • Teladoc Physician Services: (855) 835-2362

    BCBSTX HMO Plan website and phone number:


    Inscripción Anual de Beneficios para Empleados

    (Los beneficios son effectivo el 1ro de septiembre)

    Como parte de la inscripción de beneficios bajo los planes, debe proporcionar el nombre legal exacto y número de seguro social (SSN) para todos los individuos matriculados o para inscribirse en la cobertura según los planes. Si la información que proporciona no es correcta ya que coincide exactamente con registros de IRS, podría ser sujeto a una multa de $50 en 6723 de sección de código de ingresos internos.

    Números de Servicio al Cliente


    • Servicio al Cliente: (866) 355-5999


    • Servicio al Cliente: (800) 552-8159 Opcion #1
    • Utiles Diabeticos: (800) 588-4456 
    • Servicio de Enfermeria Telefonico: (800) 556-1555 Opcion #2


    • REDiMD: (866) 989-2873 
    • Teladoc Consulta Telefonica: (855) 835-2362

    BCBSTX HMO Plan sitio web y numero para assistencia:


    As a new employee, you must complete online employee benefits enrollment within 31 days of your employment start date (your first day of work). If you do not complete online employee benefits enrollment, you will not have employee insurance benefits coverage. Completion of online enrollment is required; even if waiving coverage.

    Health Insurance Effective Date Options: You have the option to start coverage on your hire date (keep in mind that by selecting this option, if a check is not generated for the month you are hired, you will see a double deduction on your first payroll check to cover premiums for the month your started coverage and current month) or the first day of the following month.

    Health Coverage: Lyford CISD provides group insurance coverage for employees under the TRSActiveCare/Blue Cross Blue Shield. The District contributes the first $260.00 per month towards each regular employee’s health coverage premium.

    Group Life Insurance: LCISD provides each full time employee with a $10,000 life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy at no cost. Voluntary coverage above $10,000 is available to employees and their dependents at an additional cost.

    MD-Live Supplemental Insurance: Effective September 1st, 2020, Lyford CISD is providing this supplemental insurance to each full time employee. Coverage includes for the employee, their spouse and children at no additional cost. There is no maximum age limit for children.  For questions regarding benefits or enrollment, please contact Finacial Benefit Services at (866) 914-5202.

    2021-2022 Supplemental Insurance Benefit Guide

    2021-2022 Supplemental Insurance Benefit Guide (Espanol)

    Financial Benefits Services/Costal Bend (TPA) Supplemental Insurances (800) 583-6908



    1. CBEBC.COM and select Lyford ISD as the school district from the drop-down menu.
    2. Click the Log in button on the bar below the district name.
    3. Another window will open, prompting you to Login.
      • Username: First 6 letters of your last name, first initial, followed by the last four digits of your social security number.
      • Password: Full last name followed by the last four digits of your social security number.


    Kathleen Roberson

    USERNAME: robersk1234

    PASSWORD: roberson1234


    FML Benefits and Protection

    The district shall continue its contribution toward the cost of the employee's group health insurance coverage while the employee is on paid leave or, if applicable, while the employee is on FML. Lyford CISD CRD (Local) -A Policy and DEC (Local) Policy.

     The district shall not otherwise expend public funds for group health insurance coverage who is NOT on paid leave status. However, an employee who is not on paid leave status or FML leave shall be allowed to continue group health insurance coverage, at his or her own expense (at 100%), for the period specified in the District's group health insurance plan. Lyford CISD CRD (Local)-A

     If at the expiration of FML leave the employee is able to return to work but chooses not to do so, the District may require reimbursement of premiums paid by the District during the leave. Lyford CISD DEC (Local) Policy, DECA (LEGAL), Recovery of Benefits Cost.

    Benefits and Protections

    During FML leave, the employer must maintain the employee’s health coverage under any “group health plan” on the same terms as if the employee had continued to work. Upon return from FML leave, most employees must be restored to their original or equivalent positions with equivalent pay, benefits, and other employment terms.

    Use of FML leave cannot result in the loss of any employment benefit that accrued prior to the start of an employee’s leave.

    Workers' Compensation Benefits and Protection

    Workers' Compensation is not a form of leave. The workers' compensation law does not require the continuation of the District's contribution to health insurance regarding payment of insurance contribution during employee absences. Lyford CISD DEC (Local) Policy. Lyford CISD CRD (Local)-A.

    Payment of insurance premiums while in leave: If an employee is on unpaid leave other than FML, the employee is responsible 100% of the premium. Lyford CISD CRD (Local)-A.

    Frequent Questions and Answers

      • Who do I contact with Questions?
        For supplemental benefit questions, you can contact your Benefits Department or you can call Financial Benefit Services at 866-914-5202 for assistance.
      • Where can I find forms?
        For benefit summaries and claim forms, go to your school district’s benefit website: cbebc.com. Click on the benefit plan you need information on (i.e., Dental) and you can find the forms you need under the Benefits and Forms section.
      • How can I find a Network Provider?
        For benefit summaries and claim forms, go to the CBEBC benefit website: cbebc.com. Click on your school district, then click on the benefit plan you need information on (i.e., Dental) and you can find provider search links under the Quick Links section.
      • When will I receive ID cards?
        If the insurance carrier provides ID cards, you can expect to receive those 3-4 weeks after your effective date. For most dental and vision plans, you can login to the carrier website and print a temporary ID card or simply give your provider the insurance company’s phone number and they can call and verify your coverage if you do not have an ID card at that time. If you do not receive your ID card, you can call the carrier’s customer service number to request another card.
      • Who can enroll in TRS-ActiveCare/BCBSTX?
        You-You are eligible for TRS-ActiveCare if you are:
        • Employed by a participating district/entity, and An active, contributing TRS member OR employed 10 or more regularly scheduled hours each week

    You are not eligible if you are:

      • Receiving health care coverage as an employee or retiree under the Texas State College and University Employees Uniform Insurance Benefits Act

                  Example: A school employee who has UT SELECT coverage as an employee with The University of Texas System.

      • Receiving health care coverage as an employee or retiree under the Texas Employee Uniform Group Insurance Benefits Act

                  Example: A school employee who has HealthSelect coverage as an employee with ERS.

      • A TRS employee who receives or has waived coverage under TRS-Care, including a retiree who has returned to work*

    Your eligible dependents
    You may cover your eligible dependents. These include:

      • Your spouse (including a common law spouse)
      • A child under the age of 26 who is:

                   –– A natural child
                   –– An adopted child or child lawfully placed for adoption
                   –– A stepchild
                   –– A foster child

      • A child under your legal guardianship.
      • Any “other child” under the age of 26 in a regular parent-child relationship with you (other than a child described above), meeting all of these requirements:

                   –– The child’s primary residence is your household
                   –– You provide at least 50% of the child’s support
                   –– Neither of the child’s natural parents lives in your household
                   –– You have the legal right to make decisions about the child’s medical care*

      • A grandchild under age 26 whose primary residence is your household and who is your dependent for federal income tax reporting in the year when his/her coverage is in effect.
      • Your child age 26 or over who is mentally or physically incapacitated, who is dependent on you on a regular basis, as determined by TRS, and who meets other requirements, as determined by TRS, may be eligible for dependent coverage.
      • A dependent does not include your brother or sister unless he/she is under 26 years of age and either:
        Under your legal guardianship OR
        • In a regular parent-child relationship with you, as defined in the “any other child” category
        Your parents and grandparents are not eligible dependents.

    Additional Guides and Forms:

    FMLA Employee Notice 

    FMLA Employee Notice (Espanol)

    Form ssa 1945

    ---Hipp Notice

    ---Privacy Notice

    ---Cobra Notice


    (All original forms shall be submitted in person to the Benefits Dept.)