• What is Digital Badging?


    A digital badge is a digitized token of recognition for acquiring a skill, demonstrating a competency, or for sharing knowledge gained from the completion of an activity or project.

  • Badging Submission Requirements

    Part 1. Overview questions

    (200-word limit for each response)

    • Activity Description: What kind of project activities did you and your students engage in when utilizing this technology tool? Please describe the learning activities and strategies you used.
    • Activity Evaluation: How do you know your students increased their proficiency by engaging in these technology activities and what evidence did you collect that demonstrates these learning gains?

    Part 2. Evidence/artifacts

    Please submit work examples from two students (such as links to writing, audio, images, video, or other media) that demonstrate their utilization of the technology tool including items such as links to online project examples the students resonated with.

    Part 3. Student outcomes

    For the two students whose work examples were included above, submit student-created reflections on their experience utilizing the specific technology tool. Use the following questions as a guide (200-word limit for each reflection):

    • How did this specific technology tool help build your understanding of the content covered?
    • How can this tool help your learning in the future?

    Part 4. Teacher reflection

    Provide a reflection on what you learned, using the following questions as a guide (200-word limit):

    • What was the impact of engaging your students in a lesson utilizing this tool?
    • How will experiencing these learning activities shape your daily teaching practice in the future?

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