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Donation Guidelines

  • The Business Office is responsible for tracking donations to the District. This list is forwarded to the Superintendent’s Office monthly. Donations are reviewed and accepted by the Board of Trustees at the Regular Business Meeting. A letter of appreciation and acknowledgement of the donation is mailed from the Superintendent to the Donor.

    All donations from patrons or outside organizations should be submitted to the Business Office on the Request for Acceptance of Donated Items Form. Schools and departments should include all applicable information on the form. It is important to include the contact information and a complete mailing address. All donations whether monetary or tangible items should not be placed into use until the donation is officially accepted.

    If purchasing fixed assets with donated funds (from outside donations or any activity fund donations), the source of the donation should be listed in the Printed Comments section of the requisition.

    If using the funds to purchase goods or services that will in any way be attached to the building or become a permanent fixture on the grounds, please review modifications with the Business Manager.  Such modifications can add value to the building which may need to be capitalized.