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    Process for Ordering Materials **NEW**

    Purchases over $50,000, in the aggregate for each 12 month period shall be made by one of the following methods: 

    * Competitive bidding

    * Competitive sealed proposals

    * Request for Proposals

    * Request for Qualifications

    * Purchasing through these purchasing coops



    HCDE Purchasing Cooperative (Choice Partners)

    Region 20 - 2014 Purchasing Co-op  

    U.S. Communities
    State of Texas Building and Procurement Commission
    Term contract/TXMAS contract/Piggyback contract
    Approved Vendors by Commodity 

    Order forms: Term contract request

                       Term contract non-automated



    Dept of Information Resources Technology Contracts (DIR) 

    The Cooperative Purchasing Network - Region 4


    Region 2 - GoodBuy Purchasing Cooperative
    Formally known as Multi-Regional Purchasing Coop




    (TIPS) - Region 8




    Buy Board  

    http://www.buyboard.com/  For login information please call the Business Office - extension 202
    https://www.buyboard.com/vendor/resources.aspx  Link to see approved vendor list. Click on BuyBoard Current Texas Vendor List (pdf) found on center of web page.
    Please remember that  “Per BuyBoard” should be on your PO to notify the vendor of your intent.  After sending PO to vendor to place order, a copy of the PO should be sent (by fax or email) to BuyBoard with "Record Only" or "Confirmation Only" written on it. 
    Phone: 800-695-2919
    email: info@buyboard.com
    Fax: 800-211-5454



    Region One Library Coop



    Region One  

    Browse through each Award Letter for Vendor information                


    Region One-Child Nutrition South Texas Co-op



    Reverse Auction



    Sole Source

    All sole source vendors must comply with the criteria set forth by Texas Education Code Statute Number 44.031 (j) Sole Source.  To be considered as a sole source vendor please read and fill out the Sole Source Vendor Affidavit.

    ·   Academic Entertainment

    ·  Anderson's "It's Elementary"

    ·   ASW Ent.
    ·   Aver Media
    ·   Brookes Publishing
    ·   Cambium Learning/Voyager
    ·   Campus Impact
    ·   CEV Pathways for Career Success
          ·   Chalk Hill
          ·   Compass Learning
    ·   Creative Teaching Materials
          ·   C-Tech
          ·   DeMarque 
          ·   Dramatist Play Service, Inc.
    ·   Educational Technology Learning
    ·   Educational Software Solutions of Texas - Mind Play
    ·   Frey Scientific - School Specialty (only on certain equipment)

    ·   Frog Publications

          ·   Gander Publishing

    ·   Get Rung 
    ·   Harland Technology Services

    ·   Hawthorne Educational Service, Inc.
    ·   Hudl
    ·   Heuer Publishing, LLC
    ·   In Demand Training Solutions  (IDTS)
    ·   Ignite! Learning
    ·   Jaguar Educational
    ·   Jug's Sports, Inc.  (parts only) 
    ·   Kaduceus Holdings, Inc.    
    ·   Killen Management Systems, Inc.    
    ·   Learning Upgrade
    ·   Lego Education

    ·   Link Industrial Total System Solutions

    ·   MathWarm-UPs.com (Baker & Petsche Publishing LLC)

    ·   Mentoring Minds

    ·   Movie Licensing  USA

    ·   Neuhaus Education Center

    ·   NCS Pearson
    ·   NY2, Inc. - Unique Learning System
    ·   Pearson
    ·   Project Wisdom
    ·   Rank One Sport
    ·   Responsive Learning

    ·   S & T Enterprises

    ·   Salus Education LLC

    ·   Scantron

    ·   Scientific Minds
    ·   Sharron Wells
    ·   Smart School Systems
    ·   Sure Score
    ·   TCI
    ·   The Trevor Romain Company
    ·   Thinking Maps
    ·   Tune In
    ·   Tween Publishing
    ·   William H. Sadlier, Inc.
    ·   World Books (certain titles)

    ·   Xánte

          ·   Region 2 Sole Source List


    Board Approved Vendors
    Bids are awarded by the Lyford Consolidated Independent School District on an annual basis, some with extension periods included in the specifications.
    For a current list of awarded bids visit our Board Approved Vendors (2018-2019) website.

    Note:  The purchasing co-op goes on the Bid Nbr line.  The CIP or DIP # goes on the Reference Nbr line (if applicable).

    Problems with any bid awarded vendors should be provided to the Business Office in writing, expressing the concern.


    Individual bid award contracts are for a specific time period.  Refer to respective contracts for starting and ending dates.