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    School Health and Related Services
    What is SHARS?
    School Health And Related Services (SHARS) is a Medicaid financing program and is a joint effort of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC). SHARS allows local school districts, cooperatives, and SSA special education programs to obtain Medicaid reimbursement for certain health-related services provided to children in special education. Using existing state and local special education allocations as the state match, SHARS providers are reimbursed the federal share or approximately 70% of the established billing rate.
    The services include: assessment, audiology, counseling, nursing services, physician services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological services, personal attendant care service, speech therapy, and transportation in a school setting. These services must be provided by qualified professionals under contract with or employed by the school district/cooperative. Furthermore, the school district/cooperatives must be enrolled as Medicaid providers in order to bill Medicaid.

    School districts and/or cooperatives receive federal Medicaid money for services provided to children who meet all four of the following requirements. These children must:
    • Be Medicaid eligible
    • Be under age 21
    • Be enrolled in Special Education for one or more disabilities
    • Have Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) that prescribe the needed services.
    Which form do I use?
    Below are the forms primarily used at Lyford CISD.  If you do not see the one you need you can find all forms for SHARS Reimbursement on the TSBS website
     How do I fill out the SHARS form?
    For instructions on how to fill out the forms call Cristina Campbell at extension 204 or Click Here.  TSBS has provided online training and examples of the forms and how to fill them out. 
    When is the SHARS form due?
    SHARS reimbursement forms are due the first week of the month for the preceding month.  They should be addressed to Cristina Campbell at the LCISD Business Office.  Please click here for a timeline of when paperwork is due. 
    Why was I chosen for a Random Moment Time Study?
    Random Moment Time Studies are a federally accepted statistically valid random sampling technique that determines what portion of the selected group of participant’s workload is spent performing Medicaid reimbursable activities.  If you have been chosen you will receive an email with instructions on when your random moment is, a login/password for responding, and will have one training per year with the business office on how to proceed with answering the questions.  Below is the training module.  Please download and keep for reference.