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  • I've been assigned to an activity fund. What do I need to do?


    All sponsors must complete the Responsibilities of Faculty Sponsors of Student Groups and Conflict of Interest Disclosure, after reviewing the Student and Campus Activity Manual and meeting with the Campus/Department Administrator, when assigned to an Activity Account.

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  • Where can I get balances and/or transaction ledger on my activity fund?


    Activity Account Fund Reconciliation Reports (Transactions and Balances) are sent to the Campus/Department Administrator on a monthly basis. Sponsors, please request the reports and balances from your Administrator.

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  • What forms need to be completed and approved before a fundraiser begins?


    All fund raising activities have prior approval from the Superintendent through Special Activity Form and Fund Raiser Request. After these forms are approved, your fundraiser may begin.

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  • I have funds to deposit, what forms need to be completed and attached for deposit process?


    All deposits must be counted and properly supported by a Cash Receipt Form (must be printed on 4-part)

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  • Are there additional forms that must be attached to the Cash Receipt Form?


    Yes. To effectively associate the funds received, below are forms that must be attached to Cash Receipt Form. Please refer to the Student and Campus Activity Manual for additional forms.


    • Deposit slip
    • Copy of the approved Request for Acceptance of Donated Items Form: used to accept donations received by the district and must be approved by the Board of Trustees before it is provided to the Activity Accounts Clerk for deposit.
    • Copies of checks: It must include the driver’s license number of the check writer
    • Copy of the Sales Tax Report: used to report sales tax collection
    • Fundraiser Recap: provides a record of receipts and disbursements associated with the fundraiser.
    • Receipts (yellow carbon copy-must match total deposit) or Money Collected from Student

     Donations: donations received must be approved by the board.

    Fundraisers: Selling of goods, charging admission to student events. Any means your organization uses to collect funds.

    Note: The Campus Administrator must be present to make deposits. If the Campus Administrator is unable to be present at the time the deposit is being made, the Campus Administrator shall make arrangements to come no later than the next business day. Future deposits would not be accepted until prior deposit is completed.

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  • I received a donation. What are the donation guidelines?


    The Business Office is responsible for tracking donations to the District. This list is forwarded to the Superintendent’s Office monthly. Donations are reviewed and accepted by the Board of Trustees at the Regular Business Meeting. A letter of appreciation and acknowledgement of the donation is mailed from the Superintendent to the Donor.

     All donations from patrons or outside organizations should be submitted to the Business Office on the Request for Acceptance of Donated Items Form. Schools and departments should include all applicable information on the form. It is important to include the contact information and a complete mailing address. All donations whether monetary or tangible items should not be placed into use until the donation is officially accepted.

    If purchasing fixed assets with donated funds (from outside donations or any activity fund donations), the source of the donation should be listed in the Printed Comments section of the requisition.

    If using the funds to purchase goods or services that will in any way be attached to the building or become a permanent fixture on the grounds, please review modifications with the Chief Financial Officer.  Such modifications can add value to the building which may need to be capitalized.

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  • What forms need to be completed and approved to place an order for services or items?


    An Activity Fund Purchase Order is used to document authorization to order services or items. An Activity Fund Purchase Order, once approved by the Campus Administrator, Chief Financial Officer and Superintendent, is a binding commitment for a district to remit payment to the vendor after the item(s) and an original invoice are received by the district.

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  • What forms need to be included with the Purchase Order?



    The following approved forms must be attached to the Purchase Order to be processed for approval. Please refer to the Student and Campus Activity Manual for additional forms.


    After the Purchase Order has been approved, you may place the order of items or services. Make sure you provide the approved Purchase Order to the vendor.

    • Special Activity Form
    • Fund Raiser Request
    • New Vendor Form (if vendor is not listed a student and campus activity accounts approved vendor, the form must be provided one (1) week before services are requested to be added to the vendor list.)
    • Service Agreement Packet
    • Request for Approval of Out-of-Classroom Activity or Request for Approval of Overnight Trip  Purchase orders which include student travel through District funds or Student Activity funds should include a copy of an "approved" Request for approval of out of classroom activity form or an "approved" Request for approval of overnight trip form( if the trip is overnight.) . The activity is first approved by the Superintendent before approving the purchase order.  By assisting us with this request, this will facilitate the approval of the purchase orders.
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  • What form needs to be completed and approved to request payment to the vendor?


    For the approved order or service a Payment Voucher Form would need to be processed for payment. Attach an invoice. Make sure the approved purchase order number is included on the invoice.

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  • Where can I find activity fund forms?


    Activity Fund Forms

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