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Lyford CISD: Public Information Request

In accordance with the Texas Public Information Act, all public information requests must be made in writing.
A written request should reasonably identify the records needed and should indicate a mailing address, phone number, or other means to contact you regarding your request. There is not a specific form required to make a request, but the online form above is provided for your convenience. The request must ask for records or information already in existence. The Act does not require the district to create new information, do legal research, or to answer questions.
Requests may be submitted through the following means:
  • Complete the Lyford CISD Public Information Online Request Form listed above.
  • Email your completed request to Public Relations Communications Officer, Joe Mendiola, at [email protected]
  • Submit your request in person to the LCISD Lincoln-Lee Administration Building or by mail at the address below using the printable form listed above.
Lyford CISD Communications
PO Box 220
Lyford, Texas 78569
What to expect after making a request:
  • Once your request is received by Lyford CISD, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your request. If you do not receive an acknowledgement that your request has been received, then Lyford CISD has not received your request.
  • The Texas Public Information Act provides that a governmental body must "promptly" produce public information in response to your request. "Promptly" means that a governmental body may take a reasonable amount of time to produce the information, which varies depending on the facts in each case. The amount of information you have requested is highly relevant to what makes for a reasonable response time under the Act.
  • Due to the volume to requests received, Lyford CISD has a typical turnaround time of 10 business days. In the event processing of your request will take longer than ten business days, we will notify your of the projected time frame for completion.