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Bully/Tip Line Report

Anonymous Reporting Solution

What Is StopIt?

The district has adopted Stopit as their new reporting app and will replace SafeSchools. With STOPit, you have the power to protect yourself and others from harmful, inappropriate, or unsafe behavior. Use the STOPit mobile app or online link to anonymously report incidents to your school. Reporting is completely anonymous. You can include text, images or video. It only takes a few seconds. Report incidents such as:
  • Bullying / Cyber Bullying
  • Drugs / Alcohol / Vaping
  • Harassment / Intimidation
  • Personal Crisis
  • Safety Risk
  • Theft / Fraud
  • Threat
  • Vandalism
  • Weapons
  • Other

To get started, download the app for Apple/Google devices or use the link below for desktop/laptops.


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Frequently Asked Questions
What student information does the school or user need to provide to STOPit?
None! STOPit does not require any end user information whatsoever. Your child will authenticate using an Access Code, which is the same code as their peers, so they all remain anonymous.  Information provided by STOPit app users is also kept private and secure. Please read our Privacy Policy. To learn more about our commitment to keeping data provided by students safe, learn more about the Student Privacy Pledge, to which STOPit is a signatory.
What information does STOPit obtain when using the app?
STOPit may automatically collect certain information from a user of the STOPit app, such as IP address; details about the browser, operating system and/or device/hardware; general location, if available; your activities when using our app; and other logging information, including the date and time of your use of the STOPit app. Please read our Privacy Policy.
Is it really anonymous? Can the school find out who my child is through the STOPit app?
STOPit is truly anonymous. The school has no ability to identify the submitter of a report or message. At their discretion, an end user may choose to voluntarily provide identifying information in the content of their report or message. Please see our Privacy Policy – Making Reports with STOPit & How “Anonymous” Reporting Works for details.
What types of behavior or activity is supposed to be reported with STOPit?
STOPit is an entirely configurable experience and each district and school makes the decision about what types of reports they are asking the students to submit. STOPit has been used as a school safety solution as well as a powerful reporting tool for issues including bullying, hazing, violence, weapons possession, sexual harassment, discrimination, inappropriate on-line behavior, or threats.
Who receives the reports my child submits via STOPit?
Reports and Messenger messages will be received by the contacts designated by the school. Please check with your school for more information.