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Traffic & Parking Safety

Dear Parents and Visitors of Lyford C.I.S.D.,

Traffic and parking can be quite a challenge during drop-off and pick-up times. Please read the following expectations and help make the pick-up/drop-off areas as safe as possible.


1)     Please have patience. The line can be slow at times and will move along the quickest if everyone follows expectations.

2)     Follow the drop-off line and do not pass any vehicles. No U-turns are allowed on school grounds.

3)     During drop-off remind your children to exit from the passenger’s side toward the sidewalk in the designated drop-off zone.

4)     Drivers should remain seated in the car. Do not exit your vehicle while in the drop-off lane. If you need to assist your child, please park in a designated parking spot, exit the car with your child and walk your child using the designated crosswalks.

5)     Drivers should refrain from talking or texting while driving in a school zone


1)     Wait outside for the children to exit at the designated time(s).

2)     Exit the school grounds by following the designated traffic flow.

3)     Do not pass other cars or make a U-turn.

4)     Drivers should refrain from talking or texting while driving in a school zone.


Please share this procedures with anyone who picks up your children.


Jesse Orozco

Chief of Police